Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Works in Progress...

Earlier today I shared a post of random simple events around the house. I have taken a few more photos to share the works in progress...This resting place for this bookshelf has yet to be determined, not because it is unnessesary, but because there are so many places waiting to be oganized out of crates! The girls helped me paint this. I still have a coat or two left and then need to seal it.
This is the school table for my youngest two. We are giving it up for a few days to give it a fresh coat of paint and maybe even some fun designs having to do with school. I still have not decided on that. I tend to move furniture around as often as i wash bedding-so making something with a permanent theme is not usually a good idea;)
This little side table is actually an old stool. I couldn't pass it up-it had such a cute bean shape to it. We have used it for everything! But I finally have gotten around to painting it and re-glued the legs.

And last but not least for now at least, is a little school chair I recently found. It is shorter than most chairs and would not fit at a normal table, but our school table is at an awquard height which has made it difficult to find seating for. This chair works fabulously! This chair I took the easy way out and spray painted. Certain furntiure re-dos I will not invest alot of time in because I know the beating they are about to take;)


  1. Oh how nicely done! I love the kidney bean shaped benches. They were usually part of a set for a vanity table. I've seen a few around town that I want to pick up but no more furniture until I get done what we have now. I don't want to hoard it then find out I'll never get to it... :)

  2. Looking good! My shelves are all primed and ready for paint! Oh my, I love a good fixer up project!


  3. i love that little stool and the pillow on the couch. actually, i love everything in your cute house. can i come visit? :)