Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Life...

Just a few fun snips of life around our house.I was sitting next to Noah while working with the kiddos this morning. Noah is 4 and a real character! I asked him to color inside the lines for his lesson on the letter "A" this morning. What I heard from him still cracks me up. Very quietly, in a whisper and with determination, he says to himself "come on...concentrate" He was working very hard to stay within this skinny little line on the ambulance.
Bell and Noah are a fun pair to school. I work in short segments of time in order to keep their attention. I am currently painting their school table, so we were at the dining room table this morning.
We gathered up some more out of the garden yesterday. I am attempting to ignore how icky the garden looks right now in order to resist the urge to rip everything out. The end of the season always looks so tired and overgrown, but it is still producing and I need to insert some patience . But this was a fun bunch of food to gather up! Pumpkin seeds!!! That is the first on my list!
Yesterday afternoon, I dragged all the odds and ends of furniture that has accumulated in the garage awaiting my attention and hauled them outside to get sanding underway. It did not take long before the older kids had finished their studies and were out next to me begging to do some sanding. There is just something about that little sander that is so therapeutic, everyone wants a go at it. I didn't mind sharing, giving my arms a break! Everything is getting a fresh coat of crisp white making the mismatched bunch, look somewhat coordinated.;)


  1. Your post comforts me in knowing some parents are still wanting to teach their children the better parts of life in the most stripped down way possible. Your children are adorable. I have tons of projects should your little ones find sanding absolutely theraputic! :)


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  2. Sounds like life is good! Love the pics of the two students doing their work!

    I'm also working on a project that requires the sander next...shelves for my son's room. I love redoing old stuff too, but this project is using fresh wood that I cut and used my router on. Next is the sander (my favorite gadget!) and then primer, a few coats of fresh white paint and then up they go! Very therapeutic indeed! And such a sense of accomplishment when it's done! Have fun, and be sure to show some pics when everything's done!