Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday Morning Treasure Hunts

I have always been a thrift shop junkie. I had one of the most fun friends growing up named Josie. She was full of life and had a great sense of humor. She seemed to truly enjoy being exactly who God made her to be and didn't concern herself with other's opinions. After school we used to walk over to the resale shop down the block and spend our time laughing at our finds. It was good to just be silly! But little did I know then, how much of an influence it was having on the rest of my life. The Lord was providing me with a passion and humor to reclaim the lost and abandoned and create new life for them. I have yet to find a friend who can make me laugh the way Josie did, how much I miss her!

I have shared with many of my customers about my treasure hunting experiences, and thought it might be fun to give a sneak peak into my studio on my treasure hunting day. I am a stay at home mom, and when I say stay at home, I really mean stay at home! Most of my days I do not leave the house. Since I work at home and homeschool our kids, I do not spend much time runnning around during the day. I actually am quite a homebody though so I do not mind this at all. Since my husband is a Pastor, his day off is on Monday and by the time Monday rolls around, I am itching to get out for some alone time! Monday is the day I make my rounds to all the thrift shops and I usually hit the floor running. The excitement never seems to fade! What I have found out about Monday in a thrift store is that it is very quiet, very clean, and freshly stocked. At least that is what I have found in my area. I am usually home by lunch with a couple large garbage bags full of treasures. Some of my neighbors must be wondering what in the world I am up too! The rest of the day in between school and family fun, I am getting everything through the wash!! It usually takes 4 or 5 loads to finish!

The number one item I hunt for, as many of you already know and enjoy, is vintage(and current) bed linens. They are my most favorite fabrics ever!!! I use them for everything!! After I get them all washed, I spend the rest of the week at my cutting table with them. They are cut into fat quarters for my creative quilting and crafting customers. I have a few pics to show the bed linens.

Here is my Monday morning finds from this week.

Here is my fat quarter wall in my studio.

I will try and share some fun projects that can be made with these fabrics this next week.

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  1. what a nice hobbit. keep it up ill visit you always. see you