Thursday, March 26, 2009

What To Do With Vintage Bed Linens-#2

I had to find a fun way to keep a small reminder of the fun prints I have found and passed on to customers or used in my creations. Our stairway to our basement is pretty drab and dark and for the time being and it will probably stay that way. I hate clutter and have a horrid time trying to concentrate in the midst of it, so I have not been able to bring myself to having a messy bulletin board up in our living space. Hiding that mess in the stairway since it is so close to the kitchen was a perfect compromise! I have taken varying sizes of cork board and foam board and covered them in random vintage flower power prints. It took a bit of puzzle piecing to arrange them, but that was fun. I had tried all kinds of sticky back tapes and adhesives but found that nailing them was the best solution. Now I have a whole side of my stairway to pin up important messages-but I have a confession to make! I can't bring myself to clutter it up-aughh! It looks too cool all by itself! My daughter Madison leaves tiny little notes taped everywhere and she was the first to break in the new bulletin board. I have left it and it is the lone sweet reminder. GOD MADE US.....

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