Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nearing the End of the Forced Bathroom Demo

Well, it is nearly 10pm, and Matt is completely wiped and still pressing on! He is still planning on completing the surround this evening. I know he feels he doesn't have a choice and I so incredibly appreciate it, but I sure wish he could just rest. The poor guy sprained his ankle last week playing football with the sr high guys at church. If he hadn't of gotten it x rayed and looked at by a doctor, we both would have been pretty worried just by the looks of it. It was completely swollen and purple from the tips of his toes to a quarter of the way up his calf. He was supposed to stay off of it and use crutches, but you know how it is. Finally by Sunday last week, his birthday, he laid on the coach all afternoon with it up. What a surprise, the swelling and lovely shade of purple began to go away! So, this day has certainly taken it's toll and his ankle is pretty bad, an unfortunate casualty of this war with the bathroom.

Both of us are thankful though that this hurdle is almost finished! And I am quite happy that our guests for Easter will have a nice shower. Tomorrow will be a race to see who gets the first shower and how long the hot water will hold out! I think dad deserves first dibs! I will restle off the wee ones for him.

So, all of you at the Mission's trip meeting tomorrow, do me a favor and tell him to prop up his foot!


  1. aren't we so blessed to have such Godly, hardworking husbands? mine is out working at his second job right now so i can be home with the kids full-time. i will pray for your hubby and for your bathroom to be finished sooner than later. take care, lora

  2. I always tell my girls at church and our girls, find a man that loves Jesus with all his heart, and He will love you the same way! I will pray for rest for your love as well! As always Lora, you are a blessings! Mandy

  3. good luck to all of you. found you a great t shirt:

  4. Good Luck to all of you with the bathroom demo. Saw this t shirt and thought of you:


  5. Gundy! How are you!? You are awesome-love the shirt!