Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update On Demo

Matt finished working on the shower around 1 am last night-ouch! He was able to get the shower far enough along so that we could use it today. Unfortunately we forgot to turn the hot water up before we went to bed, so we were unable to all enjoy a hot shower in the morning. Matt and Cole made it to church spit spot and I spent the day getting the rest of the bunch squeaky clean . Noah needing it the most since he had decided to wear his plate, full of syrup, as a hat when he had finished his pancakes yesterday!

We still have a bit of finishing up to do-we are going to trim the edges with a row of tile, which will be fun to pick out. The window also needs to be sealed and caulked, hence the lovely garbage bag decorating the shower! It is nice to be done with the work that ruled our time with no choice. We are thankful that no major or unexpected disasters occured, and thankful for the help and fun encouragement helping us to get through it with a sense of humor! And we are so very ready for our day of rest tomorrow!

Here are a few more pics from along the way.

Noah was happy to pitch in and would be ever so offended every time we would remove him from the bathroom.

Around 12:30am I propped some tension rods up to help seal the surround to the wall. I thought it may be a better plan than making Matt stand there for hours. I think he appreciated it. And I was also able to clean up the tub to get it ready for today. Oh how good my pillow felt!

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