Thursday, March 26, 2009

What To Do With Vintage Bed Linens-#1

Here is the first-straight from my studio- in a series of creations made from the glorious land of bed linens. Cheerful and sunny for the days when the clouds are gray and gloomy. My kitchen curtains are made from a fun collection of vintage yellow prints. Delicate yellow roses with a slight tone on tone white polka dot married to a classic yellow gingham and bottomed off with a playful polka dot. I used a bold yellow polka dot bed linen to tie the curtains back. I did back them with a solid white-again I used a reclaimed bed sheet. I have found it is very worth the time and effort to back any curtain. It helps them to stand the the beating of the sun and makes the prints show up much better!! Be careful in choosing the lining color though, if you choose a color, it will show through the print and could distort the look you are going for!! Neutral is usually best! Even a yellow lining would have made a big difference on my curtains.
One of the biggest gripes the kids have when they are doing their chores in the morning is that the sun is too bright for them-(I think that makes number 101 on the list of why they can't do their chores!) So, with the new curtains, I have squashed that excuse! The curtains nicely close to keep the sun from blinding them! Pretty curtains, clean dishes, what more could I ask for!


  1. Love them! I LOVE yellow, especially in a kitchen. so cheery and happy! Thanks, as always, for the inspiration! lora

  2. Lora! You have been such a sweet cheerleader! It is very appreciated! Have an inspired day!!