Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update On the Forced Bathroom Demo

2:30pm and we are in good shape! Praise the Lord! We may just show up to church all showered tomorrow! And for all of the youth-you should pray for that because Pastor Matt doesn't function all to well without a shower!:)

Our blessed plumber was here and gone before lunch, having saved us from disaster! What an amazing blessing! He was able to replace the tub drain perfectly and we saved the ugly tub! YEAH! No more leaks-no more buckets-no more towels-and finally a lower water bill!

Now it is simply putting in the new surround and fixtures. Still a ways away from the finish line but we can definately see the finish line with victory in sight.

Cole has been Matt's sidekick in the project and Madi happily keeps Dad company on all the trips to Menards! Hey-it is shopping!! That is all that matters. Joslyn and Bell are busy bees playing and Noah even took a nap amazingly(his crib is right against the bathroom wall) Other than the extra dust, the loud sawing and pounding, and mass potty breaks, life is pretty normal and we are all still getting along!!! And..... I am NOT cooking today!

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