Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ecuador Travel Update

For those of you who are following my blog for updates on the missions trip to Ecuador, I will update as often as I hear from Matt. I will do my best to even update on little details. i know that for those of you with children on the trip, or a husband or wife, it is nice to know even the smallest details to feel closer to them and it helps in knowing how to pray for them as well!

The team made it into Miami safe and on time, but the flight to Guayaquil has been delayed. They knew it was delayed almost right away when they arrived in Miami, but eventually they were boarded and thought they would be taking off. But Matt just informed me that they have had to get off the plane actually as they make repairs. Anyone who has flown regularly is aware that this is relatively common, so there is no need to worry. From what they were told, it is a door that needs to be fixed. So, for now, they wait.

God is good, He knows all the details and is in control of everything. In that we can rest and trust. Pray for the team as they wait, for oppritunities to share Christ. Pray that getting in touch with David Murray, the missionary they are meeting up with, will go smoothly, as international calls are not easy. Pray for safety for their flight, energy in travel, and peace for the team. Pray that all the luggage arrives with them as well. Once I hear from Matt that they have boarded the plane, I will update!

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