Thursday, July 30, 2009

The team has switched gears and started on the second half of the trip today. The flew from Cuenca to Quito this morning, safely-praise the Lord! From there they traveled by bus 4 hours into the jungle to Shell. It is funny, I asked matt how Shell was spelled thinking it was a word not from our own language and he said-shell, like the gas station. The hostile that they are staying out is the remains from the shell oil company. Interesting. The group is staying in some nice cabins tonight and were able to turn in early, which is another blessing. Matt told me last night when they returned to camp, he could hardly see straight because of how tired he was. Most nights I speak to him around 12-1 am in the morning after they finish up activities. I was able to speak to him at 9 :30 tonight!

One thing I have been meaning to talk about was the blessing of the funds raised by VBS for the Murrays as they plan to build a church in the future.. There was a need for tools and the kids during the week of VBS at our church were able to raise over $2600.00 to purchase these tools! How incredible! Matt told me yesterday that he and David Murray were able to finally talk about this gift, David was thrilled. David has been with the team the entire way and Matt has obviously been talking with him all week, but that gives a bit of an idea of pace of the trip and all the work and planning that has occupied their days!

Tomorrow, 3 different groups of 4 each will be flown deeper into the jungle by bush plane to visit with the tribe that Nate Saint and Jim Elliot had begun working with to share the gospel before their deaths. There is great excitement and some nervousness for the handful that will be doing this. The flights are 40 minutes each way. They will be doing these trips in shifts and will get to spend approx an hour and a half with the tribe in between flights. Please pray for weather that cooperates! Pray for safety and courage for these teams.

The team will be back in Quito tomorrow evening as long as everything goes as planned.

It is nearing the end, and I know that for all of us back home, we are anxious for their return and so thankfully Jesus that you have protected and worked in and through them this far! Please continue to be with them and bring them home safely! Thank you for giving them this oppratunity as well as allowing us to be a part of this through prayer! What a privelage!

It was an unexpected blessing that matt was still able to contact me once they reached the jungle, I am ever so thankful for little things such as this! I will hopefully be able to keep all of you updated on the flights and activities throughout the day tomorrow.


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