Friday, July 24, 2009


I must say on a personal note, it was a really tough length of time to go without talking with Matt. The first day and half seemed full of getting updates to people and getting ourselves at home adjusted to him being gone, but by last night, I began to feel it. So when he called this morning, the tears showed up. sigh-

One thing that happens when you leave the U.S. of A and step into another culture, and if you have ever been on a missions trip, you will understand what I mean. You have to realize that the "American" pace and plans and schedules no longer apply! And we have seen this so far with even their travels, change after change. But this is sooo good, as they begin to hold a little less tightly to their plans and a little more to the Lord's leading.

Today was to begin some of the work projects, but they have had to adjust to all the changes and some of the more pressing needs. After traveling to Cuenca by bus last night, which was a long drive, having dinner, settling in to where they were staying at the camp, and going through orientation, it was 1 am. It was time to get some rest. So instead of heading right off into work this morning after all the business of travel, they are taking the morning to spend time with the Lord. The students and adults are all taking one on one time to pray and listen to the Lord as they prepare to begin their work. So pray it will be a fruitful time! That is just so exciting,isn't it! There are 26 people on thier knees asking God what He wants! I can only imagine the ministry they do will be mighty!

They are going to take a tour of the city this afternoon, which had been on the agenda yesterday. And this evening they will be performing a concert at a local church.

On a funny note for those of you who know Janice Dimas, she actually pet a huge iguana! Now that is amazing! See already conquering fears:)

That is what I know for now. The rest of the time was spent asking Matt how to change our pool filter(which is almost impossible for me since I have arthritis in my hands) and when do I need to add salt to the softener(I know-kind of silly) At least it is not,the car broke down, what do I do, or I spent the night in the ER!Which has actually happened on other trips-Praise the Lord for a unevental first few days with Matt gone!

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