Friday, July 10, 2009

What To Do With Vintage Linens #8

So are any of you needing a fix!? I mean for vintage bed linens of course! Before I left for camp I filled up two whole crates of projects I intended to work on while I relaxed-RIGHT! Did I even accomplish one of them-NOPE. But that was actually a good thing, I was able to read, play games, go for walks, sit in on chapel, people watch, play with the wee ones, talk with my husband, and NAP! Here is the wonderful outcome of all the prep work that went into my good intentioned projects I hauled around with me, now they are all stacked up at my sewing machine waiting for me to finish. For the not so creative days, my design work is already done! There is something to be said for compulsive over planning!

One of the new designs I had gotten ready was for these whimsical buntings. I fell in love with the idea a long time ago and have seen it used in so many ways! I must have spent an embarressing amount of time cutting all of my scraps into triangles, but choosing the prints to put together made it all worth it! This was one of those projects you imagine for so long, that there is a bit of fear that it may not live up to your expectations when you finally get around to doing it. But, let me just say this, I was completely smitten with it when I finally accomplished one!

So here is the finished bunting. It is the first in a long line to come. It was done completely with reclaimed bed linens. i mixed and match old with new prints. it has a shabby chic, summer cottage, princess, girlie look to it. It just happened to go smashing with my own bedroom, but I have been a good girl and have listed it in the shop.

For those of you creatives out there itching to make one for yourself. I cut my triangles out of twelve inch squares, which is the same size I use for making cloth napkins. I used a six inch wide strip for the banding that I sewed the flags into. Done very similarly to a seam binding fashion just on a larger scale. This bunting in particular is a pretty long one, I do not usually see them this long. It is over 19 feet in length and has 15 flags. But I figured it should make a real statement!

So here is another fabulous way to recycle old bed linens!

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