Monday, July 27, 2009


The Ecuador team had a brilliant day! I will not ramble on forever because this news is exactly what we have been praying and hoping for! The team was expecting 30 kids for VBS but planned for 50 and they ended up actually having 78! Is that not incredible, and on the first day! The teams in house artist, Rommie, worked on drawing the younger kids coloring books for the VBS project since they did not have enough materials. What a perfect problem to have. Matt said that our students all worked hard and pitched in, not one was without purpose.

Tomorrow(or today, depending on when you read this) is going to be a very busy day. They will be leaving camp at 8am to go do laundry and some shopping and then will be at the church from 1-10:30 for VBS and the youth Rally. The team is tired and many are starting to get colds, so please pray for strength, health and good rest.

I may not have an update for everyone tomorrow because of how busy the day will be for them. Matt will call if time allows.

As for our family, we are still doing well! I was relunctant to end my call with Matt. I am missing him more with each new day. And I know all of you with loved ones on the trip are missing yours as well- we are at the half way mark!

Today I took Noah and Bell to the doctor. Nothing really bad, just colds, ear aches(no infection though!),sore throats that make them achy, and now mama has one starting too. Can't I just tell it to go away, this is not the time. I think I will just postpone it for about a month. My Cole, Madi and Josie come home tomorrow, yeah! So, I just need to get some shipping done for work, lawn mowed and grocery shopping done for us, and then I can curl up on the couch and do a movie marathon with the kids. Thanks for praying for all of us-it has blessed us!

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