Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ecuador Update

I know that so many of you are anxiously awaiting an update-I apologize for not getting it done sooner. I am away at my folks over the weekend and catching up with an Aunt and Uncle I haven't seen in a very very long time! We were also able to go to a concert on the lake of Vota and Paul Colman-very fun!

The team has had an awesome day, which is of no surprise! They were split amongst work projects at local churches. The guys helped to poor a floor in a church and were able to finish approx one quarter of it and will be doing more later this week. The girls worked on painting at another local church.

Tomorrow, Matt will be preaching at the Murray's church. He was preparing earlier this evening for that. Pray for the translation to go well. Also be praying for quick healing for him as he broke one of his toes today:(-thank goodness we have nurse Nina on the trip!)I even heard some of the girls saying "gross!" as they walked past Matt while I was talking to him, I guess the toe isn't a pretty sight!

The fun bunch was able to eat guinee pig for dinner, yep you heard it right! Now for those of you who know us, we have six little piggies in our household that are loved dearly by the kiddos. So, let's just say that our girls are not so thrilled that daddy ate piggies for dinner! I told them, watch out, Daddy may just look at big old red a little bit differently when he comes home. Matt said the resturant they ate it roasted the pigs whole, so everyone was given a different part of the pig to eat-and I know some of them even ate the brains-brave souls!

The guys went to a park in town before dinner as they waited for the rest of the team. Christian Gonzalez even joined in to break dance with the kids there. He was a hit with the kids! Speaking the language has served well as a gift from the Lord on this trip. The guys are hoping to go back to the park to invite more youth to the rally they will be doing Tuesday evening.

Tomorrow they will be heading further up into the mountians for outdoor activities. Then, the busy week of VBS begins on Monday.

I know that there are so many more things taking place that I have just not had the chance to hear about. The Lord has created each student and leader with gifts that He will use during this time! Pray that the stidents soak in what he is teaching them and equiping them for!

Thank you so much to all of you who have been praying the kids and I-it is so very appreciated! They are missing Dad, but are doing really well! We are excited to be a part of this ministry! What a privelege!

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