Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I apologize for not getting an update on yesterday and today sooner. We have all been fighting off these colds as well as getting the everyday stuff done and I just have not sat down to gather my thoughts. This morning I woke up feeling like, Lord, I just cannot do it today, I feel icky and tired and there is too much to do, but that is exactly what I needed to do-ask for His strength, so much better! Hey, it even makes those Walmart runs with all 5 kids, relaxing! Now I like that!

So, here is the scoop. The Ecuador team did a youth rally last night. They had a good turnout. Hannah Smyth spoke and shared Christ with them. Christian Hidalgo and Rommel Gonzalez were able to lead someone to Christ. Many of the other students shared their testimonies and were received very well. As a matter of fact, I was told there was not a dry eye in the house. I know David Murray, the missionary they are working with, had a tough time keeping his eyes dry as he was translating because of the willingness the studentas had to be so vulnerable and real with the struggles they have faced and how the Lord has changed their lives.

Today was the last day of VBS. Praise the Lord, Once again, 5 children accepted Christ. The team has enjoyed there time in Cuenca so much, they are not wanting to leave. They also were able to attend a church service at the local church in which they helped pour a cement floor for. Matt was able to preach again. The pastor at this church was very appreciative and would love to have the team back again any time! I know matt has really enjoyed this trip as well and would love to bring another team back in the future.

Tomorrow they will be leaving camp at 6 am to fly into Quito and will then travel to the jungle where they will be staying for the night. They will be getting the chance to worship in a real jungle guest house tomorrow evening. This part of the trip is going to give the students a chance to learn much more about missions work, and what the Lord has done through missionaries in this part of the world. I would sure love to be there!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, the Lord has done some exciting work and still is at work. Once they are in the jungle, I most likely will not be able to reach them and vice versa. I should hear from matt one more time before then.

Now, as far as the updates on my end. It is of course a pretty vague description of all that has gone on. Since I am not there, I do not have a first hand experience I am sharing. I have not had a chance to hear from the students themselves, so there will be some incredible testimonies to hear once they return. And it will blow any of my updates out of the water because you will hear from their mouths what the Lord did and how it impacted them! I cannot wiat to listen to them! I am hoping to have each of the kids share their experiences and have it posted here on my blog, so that all of you who have been following and praying for them will be able to enjoy their experiences of the trip!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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