Thursday, July 23, 2009


Our team had arrived in Miami safe and sound yesterday afternoon, awaiting their flight from Miami to Guayaquil. Their flight went through multiple delays, and they had even boarded and had been "un"boarded due to a broken door on the plane. Eventually they were moved to the other side of the airport by train to await a new plane. Again they faced issued with this new plane and were not boarded until 10pm. I know that during this time of waiting they got the chance to sing some praise and worship music and were joined by others in the airport-how cool! They were finally fed on the plane to calm those rumbling tummies. The plane touched down a little before 3 am in Guayaquil, and I spoke with Matt then. Rest finally for all the parents waiting to hear their kiddos are safe on the ground!

I just got off the phone with my hubby about a half an hour ago(8:30am) and they had just arrived at the hotel! Customs was difficult to get through due to some truck parts they were bringing to the missionary in Ecuador. So needless to say, they are a very weary group in need of some sleep and refreshment! They were fed a very good breakfast and will be able to sleep until 2 this afternoon. They will then head to Cuenca by bus to begin their orientation for the work they will be doing. Please pray for rest only the Lord can give-as parents you know what I mean, needing 10 hours of sleep but only having 3, and somehow you function beyond what you thought you could! Strength from the Lord! Pray for patience and gentleness with one another as their nerves are a bit frayed. And remember to thank the Lord for his protection of the team. It is so good to know that He knew why they where delayed and will use it for good! This team has been knit together through difficulty and that will make them strong and able to accomplish the work they were sent to do.

I will update once they team is awake and on the move! Friends and family from church, I am also updating on facebook regularly.

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