Sunday, June 27, 2010

A visit to the Sleeping Bear Dunes and Lake Michigan...

Lovin our afternoon at the Beach
The girls
Madison and Joslyn
My three beauties
We always take an afternoon to get away from camp as a family(minus Cole which always makes us miss him more than other times of the week) and go to the Sleeping bear Dunes and a deserted beach on Lake Michigan.
Noah is enjoying the waves this year.
Here is Bell at the top of the dunes.
Joslyn running down the dunes, I just love being the one watching them all come down! I get to run down first-
Dad and Noah
Matt and Noah running down the Dunes.
The girls are already at the top and Noah is enjoying taking his time getting up there-which we are thankful for;)
Noah and I
Madison must of ran down the dunes a handful of times. Oh to have her energy!!
The girls and I-

Matt took a bus load of Junior Highers from Lake Ann to the Dunes the next day. There were around 150 Junior Highers at camp this past week, it was such a blast watching them. There are some pictures of all of them running down the Dunes at the same time, quite the site!!! I will have to post some of those soon!


  1. Looks like such a lovely spot. The photos with everyone in white look AMAZING.

    You should pop over and enter a giveaway I am running at the moment-