Friday, June 11, 2010

Mom Brought a Surprise for Me...

Yesterday was a good day! Matt left on his first trip of the summer with the youth group. THAT is not why it was good though;) That first day when Matt leaves for a trip is always a struggle for all of us to adjust to life without Dad and friend. All of us always feel a bit aimless, but yesterday, we had something to look forward to...Grandma and Grandpa were coming in the afternoon so we could celebrate my Dad's birthday and spend some time hanging out. I enjoyed taking my dad out to lunch while Mom watched the kids. I could have sat in the resturant all afternoon just talking with my dad! We had such a good conversation and i am so truly thankful for my Dad. We spent a lot of time talking about our struggles in following Jesus wholeheartedly and what keeps us from trusting him with everything.

The rest of the afternoon we spent outside talking while the kids swam in the pool and Cole and my dad threw the football around. It was a beautiful day and Mom brought her new rugs for me to photograph for her shop. She also surprised me with a new rug for my front door! Yeah!

For those of you who are charmed by vintage bed sheets, do you recognize some in this? I love seeing how the different patterns come out in mamas rugs!

Here is the whole thing! Fun!

Here are a few of the new rugs I was able to photograph...I think I want them all mom.


This one is beautifully summertime!

Mom and Dad stayed for dinner and let me run out for groceries before they left. As they left, the lonliness for Matt set in , urgh. But it was a good first night. The girls and I started a new devotional on Purity that a friend had given me. It is called the Princess and the kiss. It is awesome!!! I am so excited to be going through this! Last night we read the story of the Princess and about the great gift that the Lord gave to her when she was born-"A Kiss" in other words, her purity. It is a beautiful story that really makes my heart cherish purity and gives me hope for my girls in this crazy world we live in, that the Lord is able to protect their innocence and constantly whisper to them how priceless they are to Him. It is exciting and I am praying for the love story God has for each of them. We are starting the devotional part of the book tonight.

I actually got to bed earlier than usual and woke up rested and ready for a good day with the kiddos. I have gotten some work done, the kids have relaxed in the pool, and i was able to finish some summer curtains I worked on for our living room. I had made two panels with white and a touch of different vintage floral prints, bit they were not quite full enough,and because whites are incredibly difficult to match exactly, I decided to use two different florals sheets that complimented what I had already used in the white panels. NOW-I like the look! I have just been in a real color craze lately.

This was the first part of my curtain project.

These are the finally look....

I will have to take some pictures at a better time of day when the sun isn't making it so hard to see the fabrics. My house is slowly being taken over by vintage sheets. Yummy!

Here are some better pictures taken at night when you can see the prints better. I was actually inspired to make these when a dear friend of mine brought me a pair of vintage pillowcases she had found for me. I just had to do something special to incorporate them!

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