Friday, June 11, 2010

A Good Night...

Just thought I would share some simple joys.

The boys had fun playing video games before dinner. Cole was such a good sport, he got a controller out for Noah to "play" with. I was so touched at his sensitivity to Noah wanting to be like him. I sure love my boys!! Just wish they wouldn't be growing up so fast! Oh yes, the cute little "wog" better known as the frog, is Noah Potty chair. We are back in the stage of the potty chair being a piece of furniture;) Hard to believe after 12 years, I am just about done completely with diapers. That actually feels a bit bittersweet. But it is a pretty exciting time. Noah is super into his "undies" finally. They are Thomas of course, there is always a key to it isn't there-haha. And i have made lots of comfy pjs pants for him to live in right now! And of course this is so not the subject to talk about right before I mention dinner...but! I guess that is the nature of a mom of a wee one. SORRY!

A good dinner-a meal that all of the kids love!!! Always one of the first I make when Dad is away on a trip. Chicken Stir Fry-Yummy.... I was so grateful to come across a super big wok at a thrift store because my little ol' skillet was just not big enough to make stir fry for 7!

Aren't these just fun!! Coleman made them!! He said they were our own Dove chocolates! And even though dove does happen to be my favorite-these are so much better!! Cole likes to be in the kitchen-he is like his Dad!

And I could just not resist having a little fun with the pure chocolate hearts!! Is there anything better than raspberries and chocolate! Yummy!!

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