Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Simple Fun on Rainy Day

I do not know about you, but I absolutely LOVE rainy days! It seems cozy, slow and peaceful. Today has been a glorious rainy day-all day! The older kids have already been outside to play in it but I had Noah stay in with me. I found him playing in the bathroom sink after a successful attempt of making it to the potty! So, I decided instead of him flooding our entire bathroom, I would set up a water tub in the kitchen for him to play with his boats in. So Cole helped me fill the crate with water and we used food coloring to dye the water blue. Perfect fun for the rainy day! Well in true Noah fashion, he decided playing with the boats in the water was not quite enough and he climbed right in to "swim". We all got a real good laugh. He is still refusing to get out and will be a shriveled prune before long but he is having so much fun. Bell enjoyed it too-although she choose to remain outside the "pool".

Boy, a good swim sure can take it out of you!:) Noah is fast asleep on the couch now after a good playtime.

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