Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspired Pillows...

A few weeks ago, when we were in Minnesota for a beautiful wedding, a precious friend of mine, knowing my obsession with vintage linens, brought me a fabulous pair of vintage pillowcases-ummm....she definately knows the way to my heart;)-haha. The print is incredible! AND! I had never seen this print in yellow, so I was even more excited! Anyways, I have been staring at them for the last fews weeks, trying to come up with something special that I could see all the time that would be a constant reminder of her! Last night I finally pulled a few other fabrics together and set them in a neat pile on my cutting table with a plan in mind!! This morning on my treasure hunt, I found too oversized throw pillows with just the right squishiness(if that is a word) and rushed them home to my cutting table! With a fun 30 minute sewing break, this is what I finished! Yeah!!!