Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Sweet Surprise....

There is nothing more fun than a package showing up at your door that you are not expecting! But finding a note in my mailbox from when we were away, stating that there is a package waiting at the post office from the Netherlands, made me just giddy! Here is what my husband brought home from the post office.
Here is what was inside....
Such a sweet package...I am so excited!

Is this card not so true!!! It totally made me laugh!!
This is just the most adorable way to wrap a gift!! I am going to do this for Christmas this year!! I love the idea! And look what was inside!!!!

A sweet as pie customer of mine from the Netherlands sent me some beautiful dutch thrifted fabrics! I am still just so surprised and touched!!! Thank you so much Petra! This is one of the sweetest surprises I have ever gotten!! I am in love with every piece you sent, what a gift!!!

The trims are gorgeous and so fun!!! And I love the apron that was in the bunch! What an eye-popping print!
And I love this tablecloth!! I am going to have to find a special place for this!!! Thank you again Petra! It was the sweetest treat!! I deeply appreciate your thoughts!! And will greatly enjoy these treasures that I know are hard to find for you! I loved all the thought and detail that went into the package!! Blessings!!!

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