Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Simple No Sew Fabric Wall Art

I had been coming across this concept quite a bit recently and of course being a lover of all things fabric, it really captured my attention! It is making wall art simply out of wooden embroidery hoops and your favorite fabrics! Can we say SEW Simple! And it can be applied in so many different ways! Instead of struggling to choose a certain style or color scheme, I decided to pick my favorites and slowly begin building my collection. One of the walls in my living room has become the showcase for some of my favorites.

Here is the wall so far. The color has been so fun to see every morning. The kids love to stop and stare at it and pick a new favorite every day.

But hands down, both my husband and I agree that the good morning is by far our favorite! I found this embroidered beauty at a thrift store and was thinking of making it into a throw pillow, but this idea is helping to keep it beautiful for years to come! I have been able to take fabrics from bed linens, clothing, curtains, and embroidered tablecloths. The possibilities are again limitless! You do not even need to buy the hoops new! Most of us have them laying around collecting dust and they can also be found at thrift stores, garage sales, or on line for fractions of their original cost! It is a very inexpensive decorating solution! I stretched the fabrics tightly and then trimmed the excess off. The great thing is that I can go back and easily change the fabric out for a new print with no problem!

So, of course, I had to share some of the fun with my shop;) I put together a trio of hoops with a bold vintage bed linen print. I am looking forward to putting more collections together for others because, well.......I am just about out of wall space here at home;) but far from out of ideas to bring to life!


  1. MANDA!!!! I ADORE this! :) You are brilliant and this looks so perfect. Your house is a pattern lover's dream come true! Can't wait to visit someday so I can pick my favorite, too. ;)

  2. that's a fantastic idea! i'll have to try that myself. :)

  3. Love the idea. My mom used to pull fabric taught across old stretcher bars from art canvases and old paintings to make wall art. I love the circular shape, though. I may have to try it!