Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little Crafting Time at Camp

Every Year I bring a new craft for the girls and I to work on in our free time. It helps on those rainy days when you are stuck at the cabin. But usually we end up enjoying it much more than on those rainy days! My crafty friends, you will understand this statement. "I sure hope there is another storm rolling in" because that means you will just have to work on your sewing, darn! This year, I brought simple hoops and white fabric with a lot of embroidery floss and let my girls run wild with their imagination. it has been so fun to see what comes out onto that hoop!
I even was able to quilt out on the porch last night! Heaven on earth!!!
Madison even brought her embroidery to Sr High fight night.
I worked on journals for our the girls of ours who are campers this week. I remember how fun it was to get mail at camp, so I wanted to send something fun to them.
You can see Noah napping in the back room of the cabin while I worked on the girls journals. Talk about peace! Matt and the girls were out at the beach canoeing. I finished the journals just as Matt and the girls returned and Noah woke up.
Joslyn working on her embroidery.
This is my first attempt at embroidery. I have been enjoying having something to do with my hands while I sit and talk.
Madison working on her sunflower.
Bell working on her embroidery. She is making a rainbow.
Madison has barely put hers down! I believe she is already on her second project.

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