Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birds and Bees

Every year I mean to take pictures of our apple trees because I am in awe of the beauty!And I finally remembered this year! I so wish they would stay in bloom all summer, but then how would we get yummy apples! There is a season for everything-right!?

The bees are already hard at work!
I was reading in one of my favorite gardening books last night, 365 Days of Gardening, and came across this quote which is quite appropriate! "An apple tree puts to shame all the men and women that have attempted to dress since the world began."-Henry Ward Beecher

How true! We can never really match God's creation!
Lot's of apples this year!
is that not the prettiest color! I love God's color palette!

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  1. What beautiful pictures of God's creation! Thanks for sharing them - I needed that breath of spring today ;)