Friday, May 22, 2009

Blooms of the Day

I love walking outside every morning to find new beauty in bloom! Our yard has a long way to go as far as landscaping, but I am really enjoying some of the simple pleasures new and old. So, I have made it a priority to capture this years beauty with my camera.

Clemitis has got to be one of my very favorite! I planted this the year we moved in and it is one of the very few markers I have of the years we have been here. It is one of the very first to bloom. I have since then, planted two more of these in our garden, and will probably continue to plant more each year until I have a yard of purple! It is such a pretty back drop to everything else.

We planted some new rose bushes behind our garage this year and laid to rest some of our kids little critters that have been in deep freeze waiting to be buried(don't ask:) But these roses should be extra lovely.


  1. great pictures! i love those purple flowers, too! we've got some also in our backyard.
    have a great day, mandy, lora

  2. Thank you sweet lady! You have an awesome day too!

  3. Love the purple too :) What beautiful flowers....