Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So What is in the Basket For Today?...

Here is just a little sneak peek into some of the fun rescued fabrics that have joined the shop today. I tend to have piles in different locations throughout my house waiting for me to list them in the shop. I have a lovely old bag lady cart which stores all the vintage clothing needing my attention, there is another stack downstairs by my desktop, there is the crate in my laundry room waiting for me to take pictures of them, and so on. But I have been working as of late to streamline my approach to this ongoing pattern which exists in my life as an online shop owner. I have begun to fill up a basket of my newest goodies when time permits between school, changing diapers, fixing meals, sewing, so on and so forth, and that basket comes with me to wherever I may be working on my laptop during the day. My goal with this cute little basket is to accomplish small miracles, not impossible ones. Emptying this little basket onto my shops shelves once they are listed encourages me. And it is fun to consider what next to put into the basket. So these were my afternoon delights that have made it into the shop and onto the shelves, finished and ready for someone to take a liking to and put into their own basket(the online shopping cart:)).

Today's afternoon listings where some fun fabrics ....

As well as some more bookmarks in which I have not had in the shop since Christmas time. These bookmarks began as a need for me with homeschooling. With overseeing and teaching three separate grades, I have an absurd amount of teachers manuals to work from and got sick of flipping through them each day to find my place! The extra large bookmarks became my saving grace to staying on track. But as many of you know, making them for yourself is just not enough, they are completely addicting! So, of course they have also been a regular in the shop. One new thing that I have started doing with these in the shop though is to bundle them in larger quantities for party favors, stocking stuffers, office and teacher gifts, etc. So not only are there 3 packs, there are also 10 packs. Last Christmas they sold out so quickly, I was unprepared for their popularity, so this year I am hoping to have more to offer. One of my lovely customers even had me make them in mass to hang her Christmas Cards from on a ribbon. Very fun and I believe this year I will be doing the same!

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