Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Spring fever has most certainly set in! I remember having to sit still in a sterile classroom when the weather was gorgeous and every living thing had come back to life after sleeping hidden from the winter's chill. When those ugly old school windows were propped open just to tease us. Every sound of the outside world seemed ampliphied to my ears and why did they always seem so happy!? All I wanted to do was get out there and breathe the air. But even more than getting outside was the craving for summer break! Simple freedom, a change of schedule, fun! Well, I have been out of school for, hum, oh yes, I haven't been out of school, I went from student to teacher. And let me tell you, those spring fever attacks are no different! And I must admit, I fall into surrender of that spring fever monster every time!

Being a homeschool mom is awesome, and hard. One thing that I realized early on was that any of the kids being crabby or tired could interupt an entire day of school, not just for themselves but for everyone else! I found out just how important a good bedtime was! It was key to getting through our school day! No, it doesn't cure bad attitudes, bad days, or bad weeks:)-but it does help maintain some sort of sanity for mama! Not only does it give my kids all the rest they need, but it gives me the time to get done all those things that a mom would do while her kids are at school during the day. So, the hour of peace in our house is 7pm! Even for my older two, who read for a few hours in their bed.

BUT! Back to the spring fever monster! I am caving already, I am enjoying the sun staying around to give us extra hours of play outside, bedtime is starting to come and go with little notice being taken. I am losing my battle, and almost with a sense of joy as though I were a kid again! Last night after clearing the dinner table we told the kids to jump in the van instead of jumping into their PJs. After a long day, I just had a craving for some fun family time away from the house. So we went for some really good ice cream! And everyone was all giggles, and it turned out to be a great time!




Cole being a bugger, won't allow me to take any pictures, this is the best I could do- he was a blast though, despite what the picture may speak!

My love!

Noah took the cake in making us laugh! He was covered head to toe by the time we were done! There was a chocolate ice cream lake below him, we had to strip him down to put him in the car, and it took about a hundred napkins to clean up the table- but oh the giggles watching him eat his ice cream!


  1. great pictures - i love the black and white! but where's your picture? :)

  2. O, that is what happens when I am the one always holding the camera.I am camera shy anyways. Thanks Lora!