Monday, May 25, 2009

Magic Garden Surprise

After a wonderful day of getting in some of the gardens, swimming in the pool(my kiddos braved the frigid water that was just put in yesterday!), and just some good old family game time, I had a chance to sneak away to the backyard and put up some magical lights just in time to have our family devotions outside under the apple tree just after dark. I had asked Matt earlier, to do me a favor, but not to ask why. "Please get me the Christmas lights up in the attic." He did ever so nicely even though going up in the attic is on the top ten list of "Things he hates to do". What a sweetie! Our devotions were appropriately titled "Limb climber or Branch sitter." It was a reflection on the limb God asked Joseph to climb out on in order to take Mary as his wife and raise Jesus. Trusting the Lord to do what he asks of us sometimes can be like climbing out on a shaky limb instead of sitting on a sturdy branch in which we have grown comfortable on. But it was mentioned in our devotions that no one knows that better than Jesus, who hung from a tree! It was pretty cool to sit out under the apple tree as we read. We actually managed to squeeze six of us on the swing(Noah is already of in dreamland). But I do not think that faithful old swing would have held up much longer than our devotions:)

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  1. that is so precious! you are an inspiration, mandy. thank you, lora