Saturday, May 16, 2009

Making Headbands From Scraps

There is nothing more satisfying to a quilter or sewer than being able to take those little pieces of fabric that were left behind or discarded and make them into something beautiful and useful. To think that something as tiny as a 2 inch square could be married to another 2 inch square and so on and become a beautiful piece of art or clothing or quilt, well, I LOVE IT! So dig into those scrap bins of yours, you know, those little lovelies that you just could not throw out and sew them up into a pretty headband. I love strip quilting, but I always tend to cut way too many strips(maybe I do it on purpose now-you think?) So I have begun taking those strips and putting them together to make a whole new piece of fabric to work with. I sew a piece a fabric long enough for a headband. The longer the strips, the more headbands you will get out of it.

After sewing the strips together, I iron on interfacing to give it a stiffness and it does help in making them last longer(yes, i Love interfacing too-I buy it buy the bolt now) After fusing the interfacing on, I top stitch the strips-just because I like the look. It isn't nessesary.
As far as a pattern for headbands, there are hundreds out there, but I make my own. If you have a favorite headband, just trace it, that way you can't go wrong in getting the look you like. I trace out the pattern in mass.

Find a fun fabric to back it with, the great thing is that they are reversible. So, make the front and back in similar colors or make it completely opposite for two completely different looks, it is up to you.

Put right sides together and pin. I sew along all my traced lines before cutting them into individual headbands.

After sewing them up,cut, turn, iron, and top stitch along the edge, also sewing in the elastic strip. The elastic strip needs to be measured for your comfort.

Now you can wear a quilt on your head!:) And all those little scraps have a new life. You, of course do not need to make them in mass. The same idea applies to making a one of a kind headband with unique pieces.

My sweet little model always ready for a new headband!


  1. This is awesome. thanks for sharing. I think I might be able to do this.