Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Night Quilting-What to Do withVintage Bed Linens

It was a girl's night around here, tutus, mama's old make up, dancing music, and lots of laughter. It is known as the " pink party" around here. But now, with all the little lovelies tucked in bed, it was playtime for mama! I had been working on a few custom orders today for my sweet customers for their quilting projects so it completely gave me the itch to sit at the machine tonight and put together some quilts I have been anxious to do. I love selling fabric, but sometimes it is such a tease that I wish I had more time to work with myself! So...this is the fun quilting I have been playing with tonight.

Here are the yummy bubblegum fabrics I began with.

What a fun jelly roll of fabric strips to begin playing with! I cut the strips into 3 inches wide by 12 inches long.

I cut and sewed approx 100 strips together in sections of 4 each. This giving me plenty to make several projects.

I am just loving the eyepopping colors and the randomness of them.

Once they were ironed, I cut them into 6 inches in length.

I am planning on bordering them all with a solid color, most likely white so that they really pop. Updates to follow....

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