Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Am Renaming Myself

For years my husband and I had the name "Tucker" picked out for a middle name in case we had another boy. But, when we found out that we were having another boy, I thought I should actually find out what the name meant before we settled on it. No matter how much I researched, I kept coming up with the same answer, "Folder of Cloth" , well-I tried to be creative in why we would pick that name, tried to come up with some reason, but I just couldn't do it, and our little guy ended up with the name Noah Oliver. But today as I was working to cut up all the new fat quarters for the shop, it dawned on me that maybe my name should be Tucker-haha. Folder of cloth seems a bit more appropriate for me than for my son, considering I fold around 200 pieces of cloth a week! Just a funny little blurb to share, from your friend, Mandy "Tucker" Drietz.

All cut and ready to be folded.

Oh, the possibilities. All folded and ready to be put into bundles. Remember to take a peek at the new bundles in the shop, there are new ones almost every day.

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  1. ok Mandy Tucker (MT)- what do you do with all these little bundles of fabric - - as creative as you are, I'm sure you can give me a million ideas though - I love just looking at them though - love the colors....