Saturday, May 23, 2009

Painting and Planting

Awhile back I had shared about the redo of our bedroom. We went from a cave of darkness to the bright lights of summertime. I have gradually been moving out of the dark colors into the lighter sides. I think a lot of that began in my last pregnancy when I was in bed for the first 5 months staring at the same walls day in and day out. As soon as I was on my feet again, the deep reds, golds, and greens began to disappear and be replaced with light yellows, blues, and cottage greens. I think I needed to feel I was outside amongst life. Just a theory, who knows, maybe it was just time for change:)-but our bedroom finally got painted a few months ago and I have been slowly redoing the furniture in it as well. How strange it was to actually wake up to walls of sunlight instead of opening my eyes and not knowing if it was day or night!

So, it is the holiday weekend-yeah!! And after getting through some of the kiddos activities we have some TIME! I have been "patiently" waiting-not really, to plant our gardens. And this is the weekend!! But-I still have to be patient as my husband gets up the new fencing for them. Our first year here I planted the garden with no fence and the next day, my lovely veggies were gone! So, being ever so intelligent, I ran out to the store and bought some more and planted them-yes, you guessed it-they grew into beautiful yummy veggies-NOT! They got eaten again-so I was not the smartest cookie-but I finally learned my lesson. We put of a fence BEFORE planting again. So, while my husband is getting that fence put up, I have another fun project for my room! I know you were wondering how I could go from painting to gardening in the same paragraph, that is how. See, don't they totally go together?! Painting and planting-humh-who would have thought. So , have I confused you yet?

Well, here are some pictures of my painting project this weekend. It is a dresser for my husband. It is about time, considering half of his drawers have no pulls on them, the drawers are falling apart and, let's just be honest is a great way to get him to finally clean out his stuff! The dresser was picked up for 23.00. It has the retro gold thing going, but what I love is the details and curves and the FEET! ahhh, such pretty feet. So after spending the last 4 years cleaning out my garage(haha) I finally have some room to work in the fresh air while the kids play outside and Matt -YES-puts up the gardens fences. I will post updates as long as my plans actually play through!

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished dresser! What a talented, creative lady you are :) You are such an inspiration - - I love your ability to take bargains and turn them into wonderful treasures!!!

    See you tomorrow, I hope !!