Friday, May 8, 2009

My New Little Everything Pouch

Little joys-these new little pouches are to me. Each new one becomes a new favorite! Awhile back I began making my Happy Saturday Clutches and they remain to be a calming work for me. But I have taken the same design and made it to be a little version. It all began when I was thinking about my younger ones sitting through an award ceremony for my older kids. I needed to come up with something to keep them occupied and content. There is nothing like a new box of crayons, I must admit, even I like to get one every once in awhile! OOOO-those fresh pointy tips and all those pretty colors. I think I like them even more than my kiddos!

I had made all my kids crayon rolls last year, and somehow they have disappeared:)-what a surprise, that never happens! Darn, I guess I will have to make something new to keep those crayons in(hehe) But, as much as those were excellent for my older kids, they were difficult for the wee ones to take out and put back the crayons in the tiny slots. So, I decided to make some of the smaller clutches for crayon packs. I am so in love with them being used for this! My younger girls have been carrying theirs around while they work on school too.

But, I have also made some grown up versions for those bag ladies out there! I maybe overdid myself in cutting out over a hundred to make up-yikes-that may take me awhile-but they are at least designed and ready to sit quietly waiting at my machine. They have been the late night, waiting for hubby to get home from work, soothing rhythm of work, as I get to free motion quilt them. Just like the larger Happy Saturday Clutches, they are perfect for those smaller items you want to keep sacred in your purse. The cell, IPOD, keys, lipstick, or maybe gum. But they are excellent travel companions, one of my lovely customers uses them for their passports. I know I will get use out of many of them this summer while we travel to camp, they will be great for my girls hairbands and such, and one will be in the diaper bag with all the little first aid needs summer seems to bring as well! I could get a little obsessive about these!

They are perfect if you are looking for a use for all the fun scraps you have! The pieces only measure 8x15, so not much is needed! If you are a quilter, here is a great way to use up all the strips left over of batting from making your quilts! I finally put that bundle of batting to use that I just could not bring to throw out, knowing eventually i would do some smaller quilted items! And if you aren't a sewer, but would like some little lovelies, I have listed around 15 so far in the shop. So happy shopping to you!


  1. Just love your God-given creative spirit Amanda :)


  2. Has anyone ever told you Darlene, that you have the gift of encouragement! Thank you sweetie!